“Naturally Thin Is the Most Important Book You Will Ever Read about Dieting.”–Amazon Reviews


NATURALLY THIN: LASTING WEIGHT LOSS WITHOUT DIETING is the long-awaited sequel to the bestseller HOW TO BECOME NATURALLY THIN BY EATING MORE a groundbreaking international bestseller that sold 250,000+ copies. 

In her NEW BOOK, obesity expert Jean Antonello, RN, BSN, shares the original principles of her Naturally Thin® program along with the latest information about how to achieve permanent weight loss based upon the biological principles of adaptation. 

New research, as featured in Time Magazine and The New York Times is validating Jean’s pioneering approach, which was groundbreaking when she first introduced it 30 years ago.

TIME MAGAZINE  cover story (The Weight Loss Trap: Why Your Diet Isn’t Working–June 5, 2017

 THE NEW YORK TIMES  (The Key to Weight Loss is Diet Quality-Feburary 20, 2018)   

Individuals have been successfully applying the Naturally Thin® program for the past three decades, and have recovered from weight problems, disturbed eating patterns, and eating disorders. 

A Body-Centered Approach to Weight Management–The Naturally Thin® program helps people free themselves from their struggles with food and achieve permanent weight loss without dieting. 


This Is An Approach to Eating & Not a Diet! Naturally Thin® recovery is not a diet but a program that teaches individuals how to eat consistently in order to normalize their eating patterns. 

This leads to gradual, permanent weight loss. Naturally Thin® refers to the recovery and maintenance of a lean body weight without traditional food-restricted dieting. 

Naturally Thin® recommends a diet of quality real foods for weight loss and natural weight maintenance.

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Diets don’t work. Statistically, 95% of dieters gain all the weight they lose within two to five years. In fact, dieting set you up to gain weight.  Jean Antonello developed her Naturally Thin®  approach to weight management to help individuals find lasting deliverance from food, weight, and eating obsessions.

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